OPAL-106 Hexavalent Chromium Analysis System

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The OPAL-106 Hexavalent Chromium Analysis System is a powerful tool for monitoring hexavalent chromium levels in the workplace, enabling quick and accurate hexavalent chromium detection in water at sub-5-ppb levels, allowing for prompt corrective action if levels exceed safe limits. In addition, our system saves time and resources, as it quickly provides results without the need for extensive sample preparation or specialized training to operate the equipment. This can be particularly useful for organizations that need to monitor hexavalent chromium levels regularly, as it can allow for more frequent testing and monitoring without increasing the workload or cost.

Applications for Hexavalent Chromium Analysis

Hexavalent chromium, Cr(VI), is a toxic metal compound that is used in various industrial processes. Exposure to this chemical can have serious health implications, including lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory problems. The OPAL-106  is a compact form-factor instrument designed for quantitative analysis of hex chrome.

1. Occupational Safety and Health Compliance:

Many industries, such as metal plating, welding, and construction, involve exposure to hexavalent chromium. A bench-top analyzer allows companies to regularly monitor workplace air quality, ensuring compliance with occupational safety and health regulations.

2. Environmental Monitoring:

Hexavalent chromium can contaminate soil and water from industrial discharges, posing environmental risks. Bench-top analyzers help environmental agencies and companies in monitoring and managing hex chrome levels in the environment to prevent pollution and protect ecosystems. Moreover, bench-top analyzers help ensure compliance and avoid regulatory fines.

3. Water Quality Testing, Treatment and Remediation:

The analysis of hexavalent chromium is crucial to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Bench-top analyzers provide a quick and accurate method for testing water quality and safety, and assessing the effectiveness of treatment processes.

4. Industrial Process Control and Quality Assurance:

Industries that use hexavalent chromium in their processes, such as plating and tanning, need to monitor and control hex chrome levels to optimize production and minimize waste generation. Electroplating industries require precise control of hexavalent chromium concentrations to maintain product quality, ensure consistent coating thickness, and reduce the need for rework. Additionally, hexavalent chromium can be produced as a byproduct in metal fabrication and welding.

5. Rapid Response to Hazardous Waste Management Incidents:

Hazardous waste generators can use bench-top analyzers to determine if waste materials contain hexavalent chromium, aiding in proper waste classification and disposal. Importantly, in cases of accidental spills or contamination incidents, a bench-top hexavalent chromium analyzer enables quick on-site testing to assess the extent of contamination and take immediate corrective actions.

The OPAL systems consume our ampoule-based test kits.

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