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Organic amines are corrosion control agents that increase pH and scavenge corrosive contaminants. Diethylaminoethanol (DEAE) is a boiler water treatment amine used as a corrosion inhibitor and pH stabilizer. Boiler water treatment prevents corrosion, scale formation, and other issues that can negatively impact the efficiency and lifespan of boiler systems. And proper monitoring of amine levels helps maintain system performance and avoids corrosion-induced failures.

Here’s how DEAE is typically used in boiler water applications:

  1. Corrosion Inhibition:
    • DEAE acts as a filming amine, forming a protective film on metal surfaces within the boiler system. This film helps prevent corrosion by acting as a barrier between the metal and corrosive substances in the water.
  2. pH Stabilization:
    • DEAE helps control and stabilize the pH of boiler water. Maintaining the correct pH is crucial for preventing corrosion and scale formation. DEAE’s amine properties make it effective in buffering acidic conditions and helping to maintain the desired pH level.
  3. Alkalinity Control:
    • DEAE contributes to the overall alkalinity of the boiler water. Proper control of alkalinity helps maintain water chemistry within the desired range and prevents issues like acidic corrosion.
  4. Condensate Treatment:
    • DEAE may also be used in the treatment of condensate return water. Treating condensate helps prevent corrosion in the steam distribution system.
  5. Combined Treatments:
    • DEAE is often used in combination with other chemicals in a comprehensive boiler water treatment program. This procedure includes other amines like morpholine or cyclohexylamine, oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors, and anti-foaming agents, depending on the specific requirements of the boiler system.

The specific dosage and application of DEAE in boiler water treatment depend on factors such as the type of boiler, water quality, operating conditions, and the overall treatment program in place. Regular water testing and monitoring ensures that the treatment program is effective and that the water chemistry is within the desired parameters. A portable analyzer like the OPAL-104 Amine Analyzer is the ideal tool for amine-level monitoring, especially in combined treatments where other approaches fail to differentiate amines.

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