OPAL-104 Amine Analysis System


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The OPAL-104 Amine Analysis System is a compact form-factor analysis instrument designed for the quantitative analysis of amines. The system is a portable, easy-to-use chemical analysis tool designed for the analysis of ppm-level solutions of chemicals such as refinery process water or industrial waste water. A two-minute test provides the amine concentration in aqueous solution. The OPAL-104 Amine Analysis System provides the benefit of laboratory-grade capabilities without the need for expensive, complex laboratory instruments and technical expertise.

Raman spectrometers like the OPAL-104 are indispensable tools for the quantitative analysis of amines, offering critical insights into amine levels. These high-precision instruments use Raman spectroscopy, a non-destructive technique that provides a wealth of information about chemical composition and molecular structure by measuring inelastic scattering of monochromatic light. In the context of the quantitative analysis of amines, Raman spectrometers are particularly valuable for their precision, sensitivity, and versatility.

The core principle behind Raman spectroscopy involves exposing a sample to a laser beam, which interacts with the molecular vibrations of the sample. The scattered light carries unique spectral information that is specific to the sample’s chemical constituents. In the case of amines, OndaVia’s proprietary methods identify and quantify a wide variety of amines, from primary boiler pH and corrosion control amines, to tramp amines, to quaternary amines in waste water.

Accordingly, this system has software packages for refinery, boiler, corrosion control, and quaternary amine applications. Software upgrades enable additional capabilities and a wide range of test kits are available.

Learn more about applying our amine analysis methods for tramp amine monitoring in refinery process water: Energy Fuels 2023, 37, 3, 1881–1886


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