California’s hex chrome regulations

On April 17, California established the nation’s first drinking water standard for hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium-6. The California State Water Resources Control Board unanimously approved these new hex chrome regulations on April 17th. This landmark decision is expected to significantly reduce the risk of chromium-6 exposure for millions of Californians. These new regulations will not only safeguard public health but also potentially inspire other states to implement similar regulations.

The Importance of these Hex Chrome Regulations

Hexavalent chromium can enter our water supply through industrial activities and natural sources. Long-term ingestion has been associated with an increased risk of various cancers and other health issues, including digestive problems and kidney damage. By setting a stricter limit for this contaminant, California is prioritizing the well-being of its residents and ensuring they have access to safer drinking water. This new regulation will likely require water treatment facilities to upgrade their processes, but the long-term benefits for public health are undeniable. Hopefully, California’s leadership will inspire other states to adopt similar measures to safeguard their citizens from this harmful contaminant.

What this Means for Water Professionals

The implementation of new hex chrome regulations will require more water testing with specific analysis for hexavalent chromium. Water professionals across the state will need to stay informed about the specific requirements and potentially explore new analytical technologies to ensure compliance. Colorimetric methods struggle to achieve the required detection limits, especially in real-world samples. Advanced methods like ion chromatography are complex and expensive. New tools like OndaVia’s Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy offer superior detection limits in an easy-to-use package.

It is expected that the rule-making review process will be complete by October 2024. Don’t wait to start collecting data!

Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy for Cr(VI) Analysis

OndaVia’s OPAL-106 Hexavalent Chromium Analyzer empowers environmental professionals with on-site hexavalent chromium testing. This user-friendly system simplifies the process of speciation, allowing for quick and accurate measurements directly in the field. Boasting low- and sub-ppb detection limits, the OPAL-106 surpasses traditional methods by offering laboratory-grade precision in a compact and portable design. This translates to faster decision-making and improved response times for critical environmental monitoring.

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