MMA-triazine Raman Spectra

MMA-Triazine Manufacturing

As we have said before, manufacturing triazine-based scavengers is simple—in theory. The devil’s in the details. This devil is also true for MMA-triazine manufacturing, if not

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MEA-triazine manufacturing samples

When MEA-triazine manufacturing goes wrong

In a quality control test, five MEA-triazine samples received from a high-volume chemical manufacturer showed inconsistencies in triazine concentration and excess MEA. Though the initial sample met expectations, subsequent samples were in the low 30% and 55-60% range for triazine with excess MEA. Mistakes in manufacturing processes may lead to poor performance, potentially resulting in lost customers.

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Analysis of tramp amines

Tramp amines are a challenging crude oil contaminant for refinery operations. These amines generally arrive at the refinery from upstream processing—in-field sulfide scavenging. When they

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