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The OndaVia Analysis System with the Sulfate Analysis Cartridge provides a fast, easy sulfur measurement. The bench-top instrument consumes single-use, disposable analysis cartridges that provide a fast, easy-to-understand measurement of sulfate levels in water from 5- to 100-ppm. With the addition of a simple oxidation step, you can determine total sulfur content in any aqueous sample. Whether used to measure treatment system performance, to monitor flue-gas desulfurization effluent, or as part of a site survey, an OndaVia Analysis System or OPAL instrument provides fast, easy-to-understand measurements. In contrast to the alternative of laboratory analysis, an OndaVia system gives you the on-site results needed for an immediate response.

1. Drinking Water Quality:

  • Sulfate can be naturally present in groundwater or surface water sources. High levels of sulfate in drinking water can lead to a laxative effect and an unpleasant taste. Monitoring sulfate levels in drinking water is essential to ensure it remains within acceptable limits for human consumption.

2. Environmental Protection:

  • Sulfate measurements are crucial for environmental protection. High sulfate concentrations in surface water bodies can be a sign of pollution, often originating from industrial discharges, mining activities, and wastewater effluents. Monitoring sulfate helps regulators identify and address potential sources of contamination.

3. Agriculture:

  • In agricultural practices, sulfate measurements are important for assessing the quality of irrigation water. Elevated sulfate levels in irrigation water can affect crop health and soil quality. Monitoring sulfate helps farmers make informed decisions about water use.

4. Industrial Processes:

  • Industries that use water in their processes, such as paper mills, mining operations, and textile manufacturing, may produce wastewater with elevated sulfate levels. Measuring sulfate in industrial effluents helps ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

5. Boiler and Cooling Water:

  • In power plants and other facilities that use boilers and cooling systems, high sulfate levels can lead to scale formation and corrosion. Monitoring sulfate in these water systems is crucial for maintaining equipment efficiency and safety.

Cartridges are provided ten (10) per box.

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Sulfate Analysis Cartridge Datasheet