ORCA-303 Triazine Analysis Unit



The OndaVia Raman Controller Automation (ORCA) system enables on-line, semi-continuous, fully-automated triazine analysis using OndaVia’s proprietary Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy-based methods. The ORCA-303 Triazine Analysis Unit prepares and analyzes MEA- and MMA-triazine-based samples for triazine and dithiazine content measurements.

OndaVia’s instruments have significant utility in the analysis of fresh and spent scavengers used for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal in various industrial applications. These instruments provide valuable insights into the composition, performance, and efficiency of triazine-based H2S scavengers, offering numerous use cases and applications across different industries. Here are some key uses and applications for automated triazine analysis in H2S scavenging:

  1. Quality Control in Oil and Gas Production: In the oil and gas industry, triazine-based H2S scavengers are used to remove toxic hydrogen sulfide from gas streams. OndaVia’s instruments can analyze the composition and concentration of these scavengers, ensuring that the right formulation is used to meet safety and environmental standards. This contributes to the quality control of gas production.
  2. Evaluating Scavenger Efficiency: Continuous monitoring of fresh and spent scavenger solutions allows for the assessment of scavenger efficiency over time. By analyzing changes in the Raman spectra, the instruments help operators understand how well the scavenger is performing and when it needs to be replaced or replenished.
  3. Process Safety: Accurate triazine analysis contributes to process safety by ensuring that the scavenger is effectively removing H2S, which is a hazardous and corrosive gas. Monitoring the scavenger’s performance helps prevent potential safety incidents and equipment corrosion.

System shown with optional display screen. Reagent is provided in a 4-L jug for high frequency analysis with minimal user intervention.

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Weight 217.724 kg
Dimensions 45.72 × 45.72 cm