Power Generation

aerial view of power plant

Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy enables fast, simple, on-site water quality monitoring for the power generation industry. Our products cover applications from corrosion control (amines, iron, manganese) to wastewater (selenium, ammonia, nitrate/nitrite).

From the laboratory bench to on-line process instrumentation, OndaVia’s methods assure maximum uptime through preventative protection for the water and steam applications throughout your entire process: influent, condensate, boiler, cooling, and industrial wastewater.

Fast, easy corrosion control amine analysis

Morpholine and cyclohexylamine are commonly used corrosion- and pH-control amines in boiler water applications. The OndaVia OPAL-104 Amine Analyzer can be used for quick, simple on-site amine monitoring. By moving amine measurements on-site and eliminating off-site laboratory testing, blow-down cycles can be shortened.


Application Notes