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Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy enables laboratory-grade chemical testing for a wide range of compounds in just minutes. With portable, bench-top, and on-line instruments that couple with analyte-specific consumables test kits, you can measure contaminants and monitor processes from %- to part-per-billion levels—on-site, in under five minutes.

Featured Applications for the Environmental Industry

Capabilities extend from ionic species such as amines, scavenger residuals, and corrosion inhibitors to metals like iron, selenium and chromium, to organic contaminants like aldehydes and alcohols.

Quaternary amines (“quats”) are frequently-used biocides in the meat packing industry. If not enough quats are used, the risk for bacteria growth increases. But if too much quats are applied, the resulting waste water will impact the treatment processes. A high-level of quats in waste water will shock a treatment lagoon, killing beneficial organisms.

Through proper monitoring for benzyl, dialkyl, and trialkyl quaternary ammonium compounds using an OPAL-104 Amine Analyzer, operators of waste water treatment facilities can identify problematic water streams before damage occurs.


Application Notes